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Inertia 2011


Inertia, 2010-11 | Music Henry Vega | Dance Géraldine Fournier | [Materials] Projectors, Computers, Media Player. Dimensions: ❬5m x 5m x 2.0m❭

Inertia is an installation utilizing video footage to create a panoramic animation constructed from the motion and gestures of Géraldine Fournier choreographed to an eight channel composition by Henry Vega. The animation itself is presented on eight equally spaced screens which are arranged on the circumference of a circle. So the observer finds themselves in an artificial 360° panorama. Initially, when a viewer enters the installation each screen is displaying static and white noise fills the space. Upon recognition of the observer presence, the static fades out and the animation begins. The choreography of the movement flows between the screens so even though each screen displays its own unique film the screens are seemingly interconnected. The musical composition is an eight channel piece with loudspeakers assigned to each screen. Key sounds are spatially positioned to assist the viewer in determining the focal point of the visual motion.

Coproduction l’Allan, Scène Nationale de Montbéliard dans le cadre d’une résidence [ars]numerica, Centre Européen dédié aux arts numérique. Special thanks to: Yasmina Demoly, Jean Claude and Gilles Marchesi.

Inertia, 2011 Video documentation @ Scène Nationale de Montbéliard, France


Inertia, Video Still 2022


Inertia, Video Still 2022


Inertia, 2Video Still 2022